Re: DG Scripts, was: oasis olc & mobprogs

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 01/04/01

You need to fix your email client to wrap lines at around 75
characters.  If it is unable to do so, then at least take the time to
manually insert a return after 70 characters or so...

Craig Cooney wrote:
> >Speaking of DG Scripts, the latest release (7a) was made to patch
> >into bpl15 and is packaged with an old version of Oasis OLC.  It
> >could use an update so that >it will patch cleanly into bpl17 with
> >Oasis 2.0
>     Actually the thing about DG Scripts that most needs updating is
> the bug in 7a.  It had something to do with loading equip to mobs,
> if I remember correctly.  Its an easy one line fix, but it is
> fairly serious bug and every combo pack server with dg scripts
> already installed has included it unfixed that I've noticed.

Yep, I know that one, I've fixed it on more than one occasion and would
probably fix it as a matter of course when making the new patch.  I
think there's also a memory leak or something similar somewhere, though
I can't remember where it is (I'll probably stumble across it when doing
the patch).

>  I've
> considered releasing an unofficial (7b) myself, but i don't have a
> *nix account to make a patch with.

You can always use CygWin.

Regards, Peter

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