Re: [BUG][CODE]Bug in do_time in bpl>=15

From: Craig Cooney (
Date: 01/06/01

>The reason for supporting more than what stock does
>in this is that, ideally, CircleMUD should be easy to
>change without having to track down a bunch of little
>glitches resulting from the change.  do_time() and the
>associated code is actually a place that deserves
>some additional work.

Speaking of things needing to be easy to change and
to understand in regards to mud time...

long beginning_of_time = 650336715;

I had to change that in order to make the
starting year fit into the theme and setting
for my MUD, not just the days per month and
months per year.  Something in config.c like
start_year = ***** might be worth considering.

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