[NEWBIE] Makefile Problems

From: Jimmie Tryon (spark@FIRSTWORLD.NET)
Date: 01/08/01

I have searched over and over again for this error, but am having no luck.
Also, I edit the Makefile.in instead of Makefile, since the changes save
over after configure.  Is this a problem?

Here is the error: Makefile:35: *** missing separator.  Stop.

OBJFILES = act.comm.o act.informative.o act.item.o act.movement.o \
 act.offensive.o act.other.o act.social.o act.wizard.o alias.o
assemblies.o \
 assedit.o ban.o boards.o castle.o class.o comm.o config.o
constants.o db.o \
 dg_comm.o dg_db_scripts.o dg_event.o dg_handler.o dg_mobcmd.o
dg_misc.o \
 dg_objcmd.o dg_scripts.o dg_triggers.o dg_wldcmd.o dg_olc.o
diskio.o fight.o \
        genmob.o genobj.o genolc.o genshp.o genwld.o genzon.o graph.o
handler.o hedit.o \
        house.o improved-edit.o interpreter.o limits.o magic.o mail.o
medit.o mobact.o \
        modify.o oasis.o objsave.o oedit.o random.o redit.o sedit.o shop.o
        spec_assign.o spec_procs.o spell_parser.o spells.o tedit.o utils.o
weather.o \
        zedit.o  ------------------------> Line 35

CXREF_FILES = act.comm.c act.informative.c act.item.c act.movement.c \
        act.offensive.c act.other.c act.social.c act.wizard.c alias.c
assemblies.c \
        assedit.c ban.c boards.c castle.c class.c comm.c config.c
constants.c db.c \
        dg_comm.c dg_db_scripts.c dg_event.c dg_handler.c dg_mobcmd.c
dg_misc.c \
        dg_objcmd.c dg_scripts.c dg_triggers.c dg_wldcmd.c dg_olc.c
diskio.c fight.c \
        genmob.c genobj.c genolc.c genshp.c genwld.c genzon.c graph.c
handler.c hedit.c \
        house.c improved-edit.c interpreter.c limits.c magic.c mail.c
medit.c mobact.c \
 modify.c oasis.c objsave.c oedit.c random.c redit.c sedit.c shop.c \
 spec_assign.c spec_procs.c spell_parser.c spells.c tedit.c utils.c
weather.c \

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