Re: [NEWBIE] Moral Issue.. don't hate me for this.

From: Joshua Hartley (
Date: 01/08/01

>I understand that this has been a discussion before, but I wasn't on the
>list at the time and I'd just like to know about taking the code of an
>established mud and putting up the copy on a new server.  Is it a moral or
>a legal issue?
Seyne, yes it has been an issue before.  So after this, lets keep it off
this list.  But since you are obviously inquiring into my recent actions, I
must now defend myself before the CircleMUD community.

The MUD which i moved to a new server, I AM THE OWNER OF.  One of the
mortals who was a regular player was temporarily hosting us, and now we've
found another host that offers an account for free.  I am the owner of this
mud, along with Omar "Cayce" Castaneda.  So even if there are legal issues,
we are well within our rights, and I'm not sure what ideas you have about
who owns the mud that would say otherwise.  At any rate, perhaps you should
consult US, the Imm Staff, including the Imm who was hosting us before,
before you try to raise a ruckus.  Because I assure you, the entire IMm
Staff is okay with this change.

Josh "MacLeod" Hartley

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