Re: [ADMIN] DikuMud licence

From: Angus Mezick (
Date: 01/09/01

> > If you wish to setup a version of DikuMud on any computer system, you
> > must send us a message , by snail-mail or e-mail, and inform us where
> > and when you are running the game. (remember to include
> > your address, name etc.)
> With that rule, we must 'shutdown die', send a s-mail/e-mail to those
> people and wait for an answer. CircleMUD _is_ a version of DikuMud, isn't it?

no no no.  Just send them mail.  There doesn't seem to be ANY condition
stating that they have to respond, just that you have to send.  If it
bounces shrug and go on.

> > You are allowed to alter DikuMud, source and documentation as long as
> > you do not violate any of the above stated rules.
> Jeremy and his gang have probably the only real permission to alter
> DikuMud/develop CircleMUD plus maybe some other peeps, who have sent an
> e-mail/s-mail to DikuMud people.

As soon as you send the mail you are covered.

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