OasisOLC testing

From: George Greer (greerga@circlemud.org)
Date: 01/09/01

        2.0.1pre3 -> 2.0.1pre4

The stringadd() crash bug is quite easy to cause...just hold down ENTER.

Some people reported sedit crashing but I only have two reports on it and
can't get a case of making a shop crash:


Any other information is useful.  The crash traces are likely not useful
(but still would be nice to have) in this case because memory crashes
usually occur long after the real problem.  What I'd need is a case that'll
crash even being the first (and only) actions on the MUD.  It doesn't
matter if it takes the creation of 10 shops so long as you can consistently
do it after a reboot.  The exact keystrokes used to cause such a death
would be very appreciated.  As is I cannot place blame solely on sedit
since it could (however likely) be just a local issue.

I'd suggest adding '-lefence' (and adding a LOT of swap space to the
machine) if you have a semi-frequent case to pin-point the _exact_ spot it
is misbehaving.

If there are any other bugs reported, I've lost them so re-send it to me.

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