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Date: 01/13/01

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>From: "Brandon Allen" <>

>i have easy color 2.0 installed into my mud's source.
>and when i add & codes to the prompt line i dont get
>color of any kind just &'s
>i am assuming that the prompt data is processed by
>difrent sobs than the output buffers for the rest of
>the mud. so how do i get it to process that or
>is that not processed that way for a reason.

Inside of process_output:

reverse the two blocks of code that follow:
(I don't have the code nearby, so going by memory..)
  /* convert easy-color codes into ASCII codes */
    clvl = COLOR_LEV(t->character);
  proc_color(i, ((clvl >= C_NRM) ? clvl : 0));

  /* add a prompt */
  strncat(i + 2, make_prompt(t), MAX_PROMPT_LENGTH);

if you reverse them, the prompt gets added before the color codes are

That should take care of your problem

-Steve Hotchkiss

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