[CODE] ASCII Pfile Update

From: Brian Hartvigsen (hartvigsen@gci.net)
Date: 01/14/01

Okay all the update really does is add in the option of whether to save
poofin/out, but hey.  The update is only avaiable at my site
(http://tresni.hypermart.net) since it's nothing major.  It is in Unix
patch format (one of these days I'll write and easy-to-read hand patch file
for it.)  The reason I'm not uploading it to the FTP is that it's not much
of anything, just added a few lines which anyone could have done.  Two
1) Must have original to use this patch as all it does is add a few lines
2) Please note that I have changed the name to NAP (New ASCII P-Files) to
avoid confusion with any other ASCII P-Files snippet.

Download links:

Update: http://tresni.hypermart.net/cgi-bin/schlabo/dl.pl?nap01b
(Please use this link so I can see how many downloads it gets)

Original: http://tresni.hypermart.net/cgi-bin/schlabo/dl.pl?nap01

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