Re: Another Romance Fix

From: Craig Cooney (
Date: 01/15/01

>Your change is probably referencing pfile_pos:
>struct char_data {
>   int pfilepos;                         /*
playerfile pos */
>   [...]
It references:

struct char_player_data {
   char *partner;      /* Name of Romance Partner */

>Unless PARTNER returns the GET_NAME of the specified
person, which doesn't
>make much sense because that's what 'id' is for.
  Yep, it does, and using idnum would be my preference
as well, but it was easier to make that one line agree
with the way the original author went about it
throughout the rest of the romance module(course if I
were to do an upgrade release, as opposed to a mere
bug fix, that would be one of the things i'd rewrite).

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