Re: Fare share of exp in group_gain()

From: Michael Gallagher (
Date: 01/15/01

I do want to stop high levels helping low levels TOO much.

I don't want to stop it entirely. I want to encourage grouping of similiar
levels without making it too easy to help newbies. Basically
I have a pkill mud and i want to promote group beatings. See my mud is
racial pkilling, not complete pkill. I want groups of one race going up
against another, most muds i've been one (circlemuds) don't seem to
encourage grouping enough, i plan and giving rewards to large groups, i.e.
the more in a group the more "group" skills they get (btw thats not standard
group skills) ones that run off the "group" command. I've been trying to
think of other ways to encourage it too apart from the "group" zones i'm
making. anyone any suggestions?

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