Re: Iedit and OasisOLC bugs.

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/16/01

> Well, I've never used iedit, but it sounds like it's not resetting your "olc"
> condition when you're done, so the game still thinks that you're already
> using OLC.
> I would be able to be of more help, but I'm using 3.0bpl17 w/ DGScripts 7a
> (w/ Oasis) patched in, and, to the best of my knowledge, it doesn't have a
> do_oasis function or return that error at all.  However, I would grep for
> do_oasis and search the file it's included in for that SYSERR message.  Then,
> see what variable it's checking.
> Finally, go search iedit.c or whatever the file that iedit is included in for
> that variable to see how it changes it and if it changes it back when it's
> done.

        Actually - one thing you have to remember is that "Iedit was
written for use with OasisOLC v1.6b, for circle3.0bpl14."

        There were bound to be changes, and no, I haven't put out an
official update.  However, if you search the list archives for 'iedit', it
seems someone has done the hard work and already figured out how to make
iedit work with the most recent versions of oasis....

        If anyone wants to write an update, be my guest.  That code is in
the public domain as far as I'm concerned and anyone has the right to
update it ;)

        I'll eventually get around to it, but I never seem to have time,
and when I do, it's wanting to do something new and exciting, not old and
tired.  Sides, if the answer is already there... *shrugs*

might be helpful....


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