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From: Sammy (
Date: 01/16/01

On Mon, 15 Jan 2001 12:19:23 -0600, Patrick Dughi wrote:

>> Here are some ideas for the update on Sammys Ascii Playerfiles:
>        Some sort of automatic backup system - for example, if you type
>'save reimb' on many of the muds I've worked on, you'll have a backup of
>the object file created - incase things go awry. Typing 'reimb
><character>' as an immortal restores this equipment.
>        It'd be nice to have a hands-off, in-mud way to do this for player
>files as well.

What you're suggesting is to save a single copy of the pfile/rentfile
on player request or periodically?  That's certainly doable without
much difficulty.

>        If you want an advanced feature request; make it so one idnum/name
>could potentially load up with another persons 'stuff'.  Perhaps just mask
>off some of it (so you could get disguises pretty much for'd be
>just one sort of mask), or nearly nothing at all - and end up with a
>polymorph behavior (at least, thats sorta how i did a generic polymorph).

By stuff do you mean pfile data as well as objects?

>        Another advanced feature;
>        Playerfile diff snapshots.  Perhaps one per level, and a set of 6
>saved each 10 minutes of playing time (so you can see what's changed over
>an hour in 10 minute increments).  I don't know if you've done any
>testing, but for muds with decent struct modifications, ascii pfiles save
>about, oh, around 60-80% of flat files, easily (i average between 60-70
>usually, but depends on the data being saved).  Not that the extra space
>needs to be saved, but diffs are small in comparison.

If I remember right I think my numbers were in the %65-75 range on a
mud with around 1800-2000 pfiles.

>        The small price to pay for an easy way to determine short and long
>term player alterations, like exp rate gain, level rate gain, stat
>changes, basically any point system saved on the character that's subject
>to change!
>        Just think what a balancer could do with all that info
>ready-sorted for them.

That's an excellent idea.  I cringe when I think of trying to code the
balancer, but writing diffs shouldn't be too difficult.


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