Re: ASCII Pfiles (was: Color)

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/16/01

> >Improve it to the point that if we do an interim CircleMUD release, after
> >3.0, we can include it. If you wanted to integrate that with PjD's ASCII
> >object files, then all the better.
> Did you have specific areas for improvement in mind?  I have a short
> list of minor bugs which I'm working on, but mainly it just needs more
> thorough testing on a wide range of platforms.
> I'll probably grab a copy of xapobjs and the ascii board patch this
> weekend and start looking them over.  If Patrick wants to take care of
> the object side of things I'm not going to get in his way ;)

        You know, the ascii board patch needs a teeeeny bit of work.  I
had to put a new copy of it in recently and boy was that annoying.  Just
make sure - if you're testing, always erase all the messages before you
start the mud again.  If you get reverse message order wrong, and then fix
it, and load up with the messages from befor,e half your board will be in
the wrong order, and you'll spend 2 days trying to figure out why your
'perfect' code doesn't work! ;)

        As for xapobjs, you can grab it too, though I really did promise
alot of people I'd update it.  I only prefer that it stay in a seperate
(though obviously related) patch.  That way, all my buggy code doesn't
make someone else look bad !

> I think putting Oasis in stock 3.1 would be the way to go.
> Menu-driven ease of use is much closer to the spirit of the current
> circle community.

        Have to agree with that.  It'd be _very_ nice if the terminal
feature determinition code was done.  I know I'd much rather navigate a
menu with arrow keys - and it'd just be thrown into char mode for a short
period and back to line mode ...

        Heck, a brave soul could even rewrite the I mean,
improved editor to work like..well.. pine/pico.

        That's not exactly in your scope of work though ;)


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