Re: [IDEA] ascii objfiles help

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/16/01

> Ok lemme try this again.
> a player has a spell called rename, it changes the short desc(?) so on the
> score file it is how they want it. ie dagger becomes a flaming fang etc
> I want to use the ascii object files so that it will stay perm, and so I can
> add autoeq to the object files. if there is a better way to do this I'm all
> ears.
        Did you add xapobjs?  Since xapobjs was made for bpl14, did you
add it to that, or to bpl17? How did you resolve the conflicts?  Did you
ever get autoeq working after that or did you just disable that part?
After all that, if you haven't, do that first.

        Now, in your spell or whatever, just have it set the ITEM_UNIQUE
bitvector (er whatever the unique flag is called).

        That's it. it saves now.


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