Re: Another Romance Fix

From: Craig Cooney (
Date: 01/16/01

>So the person you're married to deletes and someone else creates a
>character with the same name...

Right now I'm using:

long partner; /* romance partner's idnum */

Anywhere I want to get the name of the
player's partner I use:


Everywhere that set players as partners:
PARTNER(ch) = GET_NAME(victim);
PARTNER(victim) = GET_NAME(ch);

Is Now:
PARTNER(ch) = GET_IDNUM(victim);
PARTNER(victim) = GET_IDNUM(ch);

Everyplace it checks if the players
are partners Is Now:

else if (PARTNER(ch) != GET_IDNUM(victim)) {

Instead of being set to no relationship with:

PARTNER(victim) = NULL;

It is now Done with:

PARTNER(ch) = -1;
PARTNER(victim) = -1;

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