Re: ASCII Pfiles (was: Color)

From: George Greer (
Date: 01/16/01

On Tue, 16 Jan 2001, Sammy wrote:

>On Mon, 15 Jan 2001 13:01:52 -0800, George Greer wrote:
>>Improve it to the point that if we do an interim CircleMUD release, after
>>3.0, we can include it. If you wanted to integrate that with PjD's ASCII
>>object files, then all the better.
>Did you have specific areas for improvement in mind?  I have a short
>list of minor bugs which I'm working on, but mainly it just needs more
>thorough testing on a wide range of platforms.

load_char() is quite "blah". Hint: do_set() Also, the defaults should be
reflected in places like clear_char() instead of load_char().

The keywords need to be arbitrary length, not 4 characters. Otherwise you
end up with gems like "Hite" and "Wate" as keywords.  Just split on the
first colon and use that for comparisons.

kill_ems == strip_cr
sprintbits == sprintascii

You're not taking advantage of the variable-argument log() function. See

diskio.c: Actually, I'm fond of mmap(), but that doesn't mean I have a
problem with your code.  I'd have to question "why?" though.

>I'll probably grab a copy of xapobjs and the ascii board patch this
>weekend and start looking them over.  If Patrick wants to take care of
>the object side of things I'm not going to get in his way ;)

I'm going to go look at his code next.

>>I'm not sure what we're doing for OLC though.  I do know that OBuild is
>>closer in spirit to what Jeremy originally wanted for CircleMUD in olc.c
>>but I'm partial to killing olc.c and just replacing it with a link to
>>OBuild and OasisOLC (and '/contrib/olc/online/ in general) on the FTP site.
>>Perhaps a later (above interim release) could rememdy the lacking OLC.
>I think putting Oasis in stock 3.1 would be the way to go. Menu-driven
>ease of use is much closer to the spirit of the current circle community.

It's a massive pain for bulk changes though.

>The last version of obuild had an experimental menu-driven room editor
>that was just a front-end for the command-line interface.  It had a few
>features that in my opinion gave the best of both worlds.  I had plans to
>rewrite it to be more coder-friendly and to extend it to the other
>editors, but as far as I know nobody ever used it.

You know my plan: bundle OBuild and Oasis.  That obviously hasn't happened
yet. :)

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