Re: ASCII Pfiles (was: Color)

From: George Greer (
Date: 01/17/01

On Tue, 16 Jan 2001, Daniel A. Koepke wrote:

>On Tue, 16 Jan 2001, George Greer wrote:
>> I was thinking of the socket class possibilities being:
>>   encrypted | compressed (think bit flag state possibilities)
>>   TCP or Unix domain socket
>It seems to me that it'd be better to implement encryption and
>compression as some sort of filter that the socket writes/reads through:

Exactly what I was thinking.

>Then maintain a list<> of socket filters on the connection socket, I
>guess, and pass the I/O through them.  The filters should work
>transparently. [...]

Right.  You have the idea.

>  3.0           - betas
>  3.1           - First CircleMUD 3 stable release
>  3.1.x         - Continuation of 3.1 family.

Let's hold off on the x.y.z syntax for awhile to remove the beta taste from
our mouthes.

>  3.[2,4,6,8]   - Reserved for stable releases in the 3.x family.
>  3.[3,5,7]     - Reserved for development releases in the 3.x family.
>  3.9.x         - 4.0 beta family
>  4.0           - First stable release of 4.0

I wouldn't be so rigid as saying 3.9.x must go to 4.0.  I'm thinking 4.0
would be different enough to start over.  I want to use lex/yacc for
parsing world/mob/obj/shop/zone files, for example.

>So after 3.0/3.1, we can use the Linux versioning scheme. [...]

As mentioned above, I'd rather wait a bit. We don't want 3.1.5 associated
like 3.0bpl15 was.

>Approach 1: db.c as Database Parser Routines
>Approach 2: Split db.c On Type

Actually, I just meant making the parse_* functions usuable after the MUD
has booted.  Then zones could be dynamically loaded for either memory
concerns or offline editor updates.

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