Friggin' mud-time. . .

From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 01/17/01

I'm currently going through the code checking what would need to be
changed to safely move the mud-time constants into defines (as per earlier
suggestions by myself, George [see the note about how they should be
configurable], and Peter Ajamian).

Aside from the obvious changes to utils.c:mud_time_passed() and
act.informative.c:do_time(), can anyone else think of something thta needs
to change?

One interesting thing is that a lot of spells have their duration set to
24 -- recall that the spell duration is decremented every mud hour.  This
means a lot of spells last an entire mud day.  So should they be changed
to last a full day regardless of how many hours there are in a day?  Or
should they remain unchanged?  (I think unchanged.)

weather.c seems to be another place where we have the magic constants.  I
want to track them all down before I even consider comitting any sort of
code on it.  Anyone else know of places?

Another question: what can we do about the magic beginning of time number?
I can't really think of a good way to eliminate the magic number, keep the
functionality, and allow more flexible setting of the starting date and
time.  Some derivatives from MercMUD (but not Merc itself, which has the
magic number, too) have gone the route of storing/saving a beginning of
time number when you first boot the mud.  lib/etc/epoch ... ?


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