Re: [NEWBIE] Compiling a stock circle I got from ceramic mouse.

From: Seyne (
Date: 01/22/01

>>I downloaded George Greer's BAMud [...]

>>Isn't mine.

Sorry! I'm really very new to all of this... I thought it was cos you
uploaded it... I didn't mean to seem to be faulting you for it or
something... but anywho...

>>comm.o<.text+0x2546>: undefinded reference to 'inet_aton'

>>Try adding '-lresolv' to LIBS= in the Makefile. Beyond that I don't know
>>where it could be hiding. (-lbind?)

OK, tried both of those and it said it couldn't find them... :( If anyone
else has any ideas?

Thanks again,

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