Oasis & Aborting Posts

From: Lord Kyu (Sythrel@Adelphia.net)
Date: 01/23/01

   I have brought this up before, but dismissed it and moved on.  Now,
with trying to get rid of all of the entries in the bugs file, I am back
to it.  I searched through the archives for awhile this morning and
brought up the old replies to my previous post, and then went through
and looked over the code.

   It would appear to me (a novice in the world of coding), that when a
person is making a post on a board, they are still set as CON_PLAYING so
if they try and abort the post, it will always produce the following

SYSERR: string_add: Aborting write from unknown origin.

   It's completely possible that something wasn't patched right when I
did Oasis, which I plan on going back and checking over all of that in
just a few moments.  I also wanted to write this to see if anyone has
created a "fix" for having to manually remove aborted posts.

   The following are the two codes I was making reference to.  If you
don't need to look at these codes, you can skip the rest of this, and
write me off for being completely incompetent.

switch (action) {
    switch (STATE(d)) {
      case CON_TEDIT:
      case CON_REDIT:
      case CON_MEDIT:
      case CON_OEDIT:
      case CON_EXDESC:
        *d->str = d->backstr;
        d->backstr = NULL;
        d->str = NULL;
        log("SYSERR: string_add: Aborting write from unknown origin.");

And then:

 * We have no way of knowing which slot the post was sent to so...
if (d->mail_to >= BOARD_MAGIC) {
  Board_save_board(d->mail_to - BOARD_MAGIC);
  if (action == STRINGADD_ABORT)
    SEND_TO_Q("Post not aborted, use REMOVE <post #>.\r\n", d);


 Lord Kyu 

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