for those who use bamud please read

From: Brandon Allen (
Date: 01/24/01

please excuese me i am going to stop abotu 20
questions before  they start ... i can feel them coming

due to the fact that several people on this list
use BAMUD i am asking that anyone who is
please E-mail me so that i can add you to my
users list this list will allow me to contact you
as  newer versions / bug fixes come avalable

ok and to the reason i started this
it is 5:51 in the morning and i am a verry tired
coder i work with 2 muds. the newbie mud that
i call bamud and my own mud i call BAMUD-PRO

first BAMUD code release has reached the next step
not to big of a step, all the stock zones have ben
removed accept 0 12 and 30 for reasons of
having somthing even in the mud. Several problems
are fixed i still have 1 code problem but it doesnt seem
to do anything as it is a warning not an error. and i
ran the function back and forth and up and down and it
hasnt caused a single problem.
read bamud4.readme for more info ....

BAMUD-PRO will never be released unless
i descide to discontenue codeing on it
it is ben modded so heavely i dont think
anyone besides me would be able to realy
code around in it unless you REALY know
what your doing. and this might happen
faster than i would like as i am having
troubles with my builders. anyone interested
in building for a AD&D 3rd edition mud E-mail

i must send thanks out to del for his help
i have taken over the project he started at his concent
and i am hopeing to get his help in the future

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