Re: Vehicles

From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 01/27/01

> When a player walks into a room with a vehicle they should only see the
> vehicle, they must look inside the vehicle to see the players inside and
> thinking of making it so players outside vehicles can't see
> players inside vehicles (CAN_SEE), but then if two vehicles enter the
> where do i move them too? add a variable to the player
> "struct obj_data *in_obj;"?

What about doing it similar to a mount patch?  An IN_VEH(ch) check and
VER_ID(ch) to see if characters are in the same vehicle.  It would require
that you only have 1 of each Vehicle ID but it would stop the problem of
people in other vehicles.  This would also keep you from having to extract
them from the world list.

> Anyone have any suggestions?

Not really 8) To tired..  Not even sure what I said made sense..

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