Another problem in reference to my previous post.

From: William Jeanveau (
Date: 01/27/01

Ok, I got everything compiled changes structs.h to resemble
1ULL << 48... etc,
modified  1 line in both genmob.c and genshp.c that were trying
to read long integers and changed from %ld to %lld,
now I have a fighting system set up that cost by chance,
and if it goes in your favour a message is displayed much like the
case 1:
^ now I see the act, but whenever I stat the char,
this does not show up under AFF, and I have also added it
to constants ie: "SLIT", etc.
- I have about 15 possibilities of hitting chance -
and not one initializes the AFF on the char properly..

Am I missing something, anyone have a clue as to what
the problem at hand here is?

  Thanks in advance,
   William Wright

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