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From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 01/28/01

On Sun, 28 Jan 2001, Kras Kresh wrote:

> Why in handler.c do update_object(GET_EQ(ch, i), 2)? That would use
> GET_TIMER(obj) -= 2 so i don't understand that.

Objects you're wearing are used up faster than those that you are simple
carrying in your inventory.

> When running the mud using autorun, why doesn't it do the purgeplay
> for idle players, deleted players, and never entered game players?

Because it would have to run it each and every time the mud rebooted,
which is way more than necessary.  In addition, you might want to undelete
a player inbetween reboots.  If you want to run it every so often, see the
man pages for crontab.

> Why does my compiler not allow me to declare variables in the middle of the
> function?

Because ANSI C doesn't allow variables to be declared in the middle of the
function.  ISO C99 (which replaces ANSI C) does, but most compilers don't
support the new standard fully, yet.  If you're using a recent version of
gcc, you can enable the partial C99 support by giving it the option:
-std=c99.  See for more on the status of C99 support
within gcc.

C++ (and, hence, C++ compilers) support declaration of variables in the
middle of functions, but these compilers take a superset of valid C.


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