Re: [HEDITv2]

From: Lewis, Jason (
Date: 01/29/01

Okay I apologize, found some more info, when I do hedit new it shows the

1) Keywords    : ! ^

Use ! to repeat the last command typed at the keyboard.

Use ^ to replace a string from the last command with a new string.  The
syntax is the same as in csh: "^old-string^replacement"


  > tell rasmusse Hi there, how are you?
  No-one by that name here.

  > ^rasmusse^rasmussen
  You tell Rasmussen, 'Hi there, how are you?'

  > ^you^you doing^
  You tell Rasmussen, 'Hi there, how are you doing?'

See also: ALIAS

2) Entry       :
3) Min Level   : 268774480
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