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From: Lord Kyu (
Date: 01/30/01

> Ehh, adding a wait state is no good for this. If I add the wait state of
> PULSE_VIOLENCE*3 to quaffing a potion, I also cant kick, bash or
> flee for three rounds? That doesnt make sense to me.  And I actually
> have made it harder to get healing potions, you cant buy potions with
> heal, only ones with lesser cure spells. That just lead to people buying
> more of the lesser potions.
> Russ Brown

   A lot of places I have been have simply made potions add to filling your
thirst, and at a certain point, you are unable to quaff anymore do not your
thirst counter being too high.  This was a simple fix, and really didn't add all
that much to the effect, other than stopping people from being quaffing
machines.  Also, removing the unlimited potion venders, and replacing it with
shops that only make so many potions a reset balanced this too, but of course,
there are always those who will idle there, and buy them all, and then repeat
the process.

   I haven't gotten around to fixing this problem yet, so I haven't given it too
much thought until it appeared on this list.  I would be one of those silly
coders, in trying to do your example, would give players a counter that saved
how many potions they had quaffed, lower it by one every tick, and then use a
function based on the counter number to gain the desired nasty effects.

   Just a quick note as I was playing in a realm the other day.  I came across a
couple of items and laughed for awhile.  One of them was a potion of cure blind,
which, if you are blind, you can't see your inventory, and can't quaff the
potions.  I think I might made the ability to quaff it if you were already
holding it, but then, who is about to walk around with a cure blind potion in
their off hand?  The other, was a staff or a wand of summon.  The staff, doesn't
need a target, but the spell does, and the wand, anything targeted with it, will
just disappear and reappear back into the same room.  Maybe this could be
changed to summon something random from another place, maybe with one of the
same alias names as the creature it was pointed at.

   If anything is wrong with this email, let me know.  I just upgraded my
computer, and am not using a different OS.  Things seem to be acting
differently, and I'm not sure the effects on the receivers end.


 Lord Kyu 

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