Re: [CODE/SERVER] Vanishing zones of objects

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/30/01

> Ok the problem is as follows.. The Mud boots up fine, with all objects and
> other data loading in correctly.  After a while of play tho, and from what I
> can gather when players log in and such, whole zones of objects start
> disappearing.  I also think the objects disappear in a large chunks rather
> than item by item.
> I have written my own custom olc, which would point to the problem, but I
> rebooted the most up to date code in at least a day before the problems
> started showing up. And the olc code for objects and such has been installed
> for around six months without change.  So I don't think that is the problem.
>   Unless it is something unique to do with zones/objects that have been
> created since.
        Well, the custom olc is what I'd look at first.  I'd closly
examine the logic you use when you edit anything.  If you have something
like unique objects (alot of people call it restringing), I'd also look at
that - I have personal experience in the odd results which come from
attempting to isolate individual strings or other components of a
structure which is primarily based on a template.

        One of the things people don't realize is that the whole template
system circle uses for items means that in many cases, changes to an
individual object affect all existing (and yet to exist) objects of that
sort.  It causes alot of not-insurmountable problems too, since for
insertions and deletions of items, you have to renumber upon insert (at
least, for the rnums).
        For a while, there was some sort of 'dig' command which had this
problem.  Dig was supposed to create an exit from one room to another -
creating the target 'end' room if it did not exist.  'dig 30 40 north'
might make an exit leading north to room 40 from 30.   However, if it had
to insert that room (40), it would.  This was a problem if someone was
already editing (especially door exits) in a higher numbered room.  Things
would make subtle shifts between the setting of vnum and setup of
pointers between the inidivudal's copy of a room and the placement of said
room into the world.

        Lest you think this is an infrequent event, many builders working
at the same time in many different zones is the norm for many startup or
active muds.

                So, it's something to look for.

        I'd offer more help, but it seems that alot of the problems lie in
code that you've written, and while a listing of all relevant code may be
useful (if somewhat large), I don't have the time to peruse it.


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