Re: [CODE]Exp formula

From: Craig Cooney (
Date: 01/30/01

>i recently patched in the rolemaster patch. I've went ahead and put in
>a cmodifier for classes and have noticed that every level the experience
>resets to zero. This didn't bother me at first until i realized that extra
>exp was lost(i.e need 38 exp to level, get 43, lose 5). I have an idea about
>how to go about this, but was wondering if anybody had done this before.

Peter Ajamian suggested:
return (get_exp(level - 1) + MIN(((level + 4) / 5) * 10000, 50000));

Instead of:
return MIN(((level + 4) / 5) * 10000, 50000);
and the GET_EXP(ch) = 0 in advance_level

  I personally don't show raw numbers like exp total, exp to level,
etc to players so i don't have to worry about them lynching
me over losing a few exp here and there; and I like the fact
that it prevents anyone from gaining more than +1 level from
just killing one mob, so that's why its that way in the patch.

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