Re: [CODE]Exp formula

From: Craig Cooney (
Date: 01/31/01

 Speaking of the Rolemaster exp formula, it really
only makes sense to use it if you change how
players get exp to work with the Rolemaster rules
as well.

In fight.c, Use this version of solo_gain

void solo_gain(struct char_data * ch, struct char_data * victim)
  int exp;

  exp = GET_MAX_HIT(victim) + (20 * GET_LEVEL(victim));

  /* Kill Point Bonus for PCs */
  if (!IS_NPC(victim))
    exp += 100;

  sprintf(buf2, "You receive %d experience
points.\r\n", exp);
  send_to_char(buf2, ch);

  gain_exp(ch, exp);
  change_alignment(ch, victim);

  In fight.c,  int damage()
/* Gain exp for the hit */
  if (ch != victim)
    gain_exp(ch, GET_LEVEL(victim) * dam);

/* 1 experience point for every hit you receive OR
 deliver */
/* ...unless you're stupid enough to hit yourself that
  if (ch != victim) {
    gain_exp(ch, dam);
    gain_exp(victim, dam);

And junk the group_gain function and anyplace that
calls it, Rolemaster doesn't allow for sharing kill
points between group members. If I could still do
patches(and, no Cygwin won't work on my home PC), I'd
separate the current rolemaster patch into two
different ones, a exp_replacementbpl17 and a updated
rolemaster one.

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