From: Luke Waite (
Date: 01/31/01


I'm having some trouble with the command intrepreter. I am trying to add
a command that will lock the character. So commands can not be entered.
I have all the things installed in structs.h and utils.h
to have the pw saved. I am just including the part where it checks for
invalid command frozen char etc...
I am on BPL17, Win95.

I have everything except this check for if the command is the unlock

  else if (!IS_NPC(ch) && PLR_FLAGGED(ch, PLR_FROZEN) && GET_LEVEL(ch) <
    send_to_char("You try, but the mind-numbing cold prevents
you...\r\n", ch);
  else if (cmd_info[cmd].command != 'charunlock\n' && GET_LOCK(ch) != 0
&& !IS_NPC(ch)) {
    send_to_char("Sorry, character is locked. Type unlock, and the
password you\r\n", ch);
    send_to_char("entered when you locked.\r\n", ch);
  else if (cmd_info[cmd].command_pointer == NULL)
    send_to_char("Sorry, that command hasn't been implemented yet.\r\n",
  else if (IS_NPC(ch) && cmd_info[cmd].minimum_level >= LVL_IMMORT)
    send_to_char("You can't use immortal commands while switched.\r\n",
  else if (GET_POS(ch) < cmd_info[cmd].minimum_position)

GET_LOCK(ch) is where the pw is stored.  if not locked GET_LOCK(ch) is 0

The command for unlock is in ACMD(do_charunlock), act.other.c and id'd
as charunlock in interpreter.c



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