Re: need help with hedit mud wont start.

From: Tim Yohn (
Date: 02/28/01

From jitendra patel
> I patched dg7aoasis2.0 to stock bpl17 and then patched hedit but now
> i'm getting this problem. It compiles without whining once but when i
> run the mud it gets an attitue. i ran gdb and got this far.
> loading help entries.
>      299 entries, 4588 bytes.
> i get an error there gbd says, 'program received signal SIGSEGV,
> Segmentation
> falut.'
Any chance of seeing a backtrace or other debugging output from gdb?  After
it Seg faults type 'bt' (without the single quotes of course) from the gdb
prompt and it should point out exactly what is segfaulting... that will at
least give you somewhere to look for problems.  I've never used the specific
configuration that you are using (still have to get DG7a put into my stock
bpl17 with Oasis2.0) but I will assist as much as possible.  Of course, I'm
assuming all the patches applied cleanly, or you at least took care of any
rejects as necessary.

Tim / Anari

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