Re: DGScripts?

From: Del (
Date: 03/01/01

dave mquackquadart wrote:
> Where can I find the lastest version of DGScripts?  I saw a version on a
> site that was already intigrated into the code and ready to compile, but I
> couldn't figure out how to make it compile properly (cuz I'm mental)...
> (tried setting the compiler to g++ as it it recommended)...
> I looked around alot before resorting to asking you guys...
> Anyway.. I'd prefer a fresh compilable version of the code with it so I can
> just patch my new implimentations into it rather than download the patch of
> it and patch my basic mud with it.

No offense, but if you're having problems with a pre-patched version, you will
have worse problems with patching in stuff.
The current bpl is not compatible with all the patches. 95% of them will
fail and you will have serious problems adding in dgscripts, oasis, etc..
That is why the pre-patched versions are on the site, for those who will
have difficulty.
If you have difficulty, email the person who put it togather and ask for help.
(I have helped many with the one I put up). If that doesn't work, try the
list or this one.

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