[CODE] [NEWBIE] do_last (NOHOST)

From: flawed (flawed@io.com)
Date: 03/02/01

Awhile ago someone asked this question but there was never any answer back
to it. For some reason (Im betting its cause of ascii) the do_last command
will only show (NOHOST) when used to find the last logon of a player. Has
anyone encountered this, and if so, what was changed to make it work

  sprintf(buf, "[%5ld] [%2d %s] %-12s : %-18s : %-20s\r\n",
          GET_IDNUM(vict), (int) GET_LEVEL(vict),
          class_abbrevs[(int) GET_CLASS(vict)], GET_NAME(vict),
          vict->player_specials->host && *vict->player_specials->host
          ? vict->player_specials->host : "(NOHOST)",
  send_to_char(buf, ch);

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