[CODE][Copyover] About ASCII pfiles and copyover

From: Chris Joyce (cjoyce@PROMARKUSA.COM)
Date: 03/04/01

About a week ago I posted about me being a dumbass with the problem of an
ascii pfile mud not rebooting.  Seems that some of you were right.  Once I
fixed the copyover patch to work with ascii pfiles (which was quite simple
btw. ) the mud would reboot with shutdown reboot and I assume it will reboot
with crashes.

Just wanted to say thanks for everybodies help and not assuming I was a
moron like you all could have.  If anybody would like assistance in updating
the copyover patch to work with ascii pfiles, it's really quite simple.

Also, for any of you out there that are good at making patches.  I dont know
how to make patches themselves and am wondering if there are any tools out
there that can do such a thing.  If not, I'll just contrib the stuff I want
to contrib as regular files with notes and such.  I have a raffle system
that I'm thinking about posting, if anybody is interested in such a thing,
let me know and I'll consider fixing it up and putting it out there.


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