[Newbie] Adding a new object type

From: utd_lackey (utd_lackey@email.msn.com)
Date: 03/05/01

Okay, I'm trying to create an object type that will represent something
that functions not unlike the Linking Books from Myst.  For those of you
not familiar, Linking Books are used to travel through space-time to the
location that is described in them when the reader touches the picture
on the last page (the book itself does not travel, bur rather falls where
it was used).  I'm putting this as a specific type because it looks like
there will be some zones that the builders are putting together, that
while they may have some thematic consistency in the final product,
they will defiantly not be next to each other, if even on the same plane
of existence.  The Linking Books from Myst seemed like a good way to
tie it all together (I'm sure that there's someone out there who will
question my Mud's decision to have zones that don't quite match up in
the first place), and I want my builders to be able to just create the item
without my having to assign a special procedure to each one that is
created, though I'm sure some of the things that I describe below would
probably work better as just a special procedure on the objects...

For reference, I'm using bpl 17 with Oasis 2.0

I've been looking through the code, and so far, I'm seeing that to just
add the type, I need to make modifications in structs.h and constants.c
as well as oedit.c and oasis.h.  Am I missing any files (for just the
addition of the object type)?

Part two:

What would be the best place to add the routine(s) for this item/can
anyone give me any pointers or warn me for things to look out for?

The object will:
* Have a target room vnum (most likely in the first value) that it will
teleport the user to when the user uses a certain command like 'touch
* If the object is in the player's inventory, the book will drop to the
as the player vanishes "into/through" the book through the "touch book"
command.  If the object is in the room, then it should just sit there
(or as happily as a book that constantly gets smudge marks from
adventurers touching it can get).
* If the book is looked at, it should give the description that the builder
tacked onto it using the standard methods, but it should also (or if the
user specifically requests it...I'm not sure which I'm going to do just yet)
show at least the target room's description (a la the picture on the
final pages in Myst/Riven linking books)

So...if one or more of you more experienced coders could point me in
the right direction on either part of this, I would appreciate it greatly.



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