dodge and parry in fight code

From: Alex Mann (
Date: 03/10/01


I am trying to add dodging and parrying of attacks into my fight code. Atm i
am doing it like this:

// Top of hit code //
      damage(ch, victim, 0, w_type);
  } else {

    /* Now we check to we wether the victim parries or dodges.*/
    if (IS_NPC(victim)){
    dodge = (number(1, 40)+ (GET_LEVEL(victim)/2));
    faildodge = (number(1, 20));
    dodge = (number(1, 20)+ (GET_DEX(victim) + (GET_LEVEL(victim)/2)));
    faildodge = (GET_DEX(ch) + (GET_STR(ch) + number(1,20)));
     if (dodge > faildodge) {
       act("&bYou dodge out of the way of $N's attack!&w\r\n", FALSE,
victim, 0, ch, TO_CHAR);
       act("&b$n attacks $N who dodges out of the way!&w\r\n", FALSE,
victim, 0, ch, TO_NOTVICT);
       act("&bYou attempt to attack $n who dodges out of the way!&w\r\n",
FALSE, victim, 0, ch, TO_VICT);
     /* okay, we know the guy has been hit.  now calculate damage. */

// Rest of hit //

My querie is with the calculations i am using, do NPC's have str dex etc
values which would mean I could use just 1 equasion taking str dex etc into

If they don't which is what i think, then is the way i have coded the above
bit correct. I want to use the IS_NPC check to use a different exquasion for
npcs when they attack, and for when players use do_hit. Have I done this
correct in order to achieve this. because my npcs seem to only dodge very
rarely which sugegsts that it is using the player equasion not the npc


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