[AD] CircleMUD Builders sought for setting foundation.

From: [S] p h e r i a (MUD) (webremedies@home.com)
Date: 03/10/01

\\_             _// Currently in search of dedicated world builders!
 _|      /______|   As a mud that's been around for approximately 13
\________      _\   months, the doors to world creation have finally
__|      /      |__ been opened.  Well spoken individuals, confident
\\_______________// with OasisOLC and the medieval fantasy enviroment
 p  h  e  r  i   a  are currently being recruited.

"To thee who carries thy shallow tomb, marinate thy mind in an
intellectual womb, for thee who sacrifices wants for hope, shall  bare
witness to thy sacret slope.

  Upon these grounds, lay men of honor, sacrificial to all, as lambs
to the slaughter.  Indulged in fury, lurks a being of his word, his
family torn apart from a war that once occurred.  Dwell not on
of thy neighbors gold, but perhaps this story was best left untold."
- William Z. J (Surgeon)

[ Position availability summary ]

 World creators familiar with the CircleMUD environment, to whom have a
strong grasp with OasisOLC are currently being sought.  As a mud
dedicated to both the gloomy aura and bright feel of medieval fantasy,
we have molded our play around encouraging PK; however not enforcing
it.  Both 'Head Builder' and 'Builder' positions are currently accepting
applications, and both of which hold great importance in the overall
role-play and existence of Spheria.


[ My little whine section (Skip if thieves don't concern you) ]

  If you would like to find out about the punishment to one's own
personal stupidity.  Examine the story of Spheria's past in conjunction
to a so called Hanz (a.k.a Alki of Faith's Path), aswell as Yaksha
(Adam Hallam, we all should know by now through his immature posts),and
one to whom goes by the name of Ledbelly, and most likely many others.
  I hate to plague you guys with whining of code thieves from the past,
but I've been in contact with one recently to whom advised me the code
towhich he had delicately downloaded off the server approximately 6 - 7
months ago, was distributed by Ledbelly, to newbie coders.  Not that I
don't like helping the newbies out, and as a matter of fact I always
consider myself a newbie.  Can never learn enough =].  Please if you
run by a mud that looks like a broken version of the existing Spheria
please contact the admin of Spheria or leave a post on the mortal board.
Though the versions everyone else will most likely see will be poor
in comparison to the real Spheria, please let me know anyways so I can
atleast attempt to contact the owner of both the server and the code.
- Sorry to waste your time with the non sense I won't keep the post up,
who knows these people might feed off the fame. That and the fact Quinn
himself received way to much archive space.  I feel these "people"
deserve not even the time of day, but a back turned appropriately
in text related vision. (Heh) any ways all can be found temporarily at:

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