Re: ANA() SANA() Macros are wrong...

From: Karl Buchner (
Date: 03/11/01

Checking our english dictionary, we see that the only words
in which y acts as a vowel in the first letter are yclad(EE klad)
yclept (EE klept) ylem (ii lem) yperite (EE puh riit) (mustard gas)
various forms of yttrium (a chemical) and ywis (i wis)

So, unless you're making a sci fi mud with mustard gas,
it would be safe to use
#define ANA(obj) (strchr("aeiouAEIOU", *(obj)->name) ? "An" : "A")
#define SANA(obj) (strchr("aeiouAEIOU", *(obj)->name) ? "an" : "a")
If, of course, you are using mustard gas, make sure you check
*(obj->name + 1) for a consonent to prevent those unsightly
"You get a yperite."s which is quite obviouslysupposed to be
"You get AN yperite."
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