Re: Mobs and player_specials

From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 03/11/01

> Is there any reason other that space why mobs should not have
> player_specials?  Has anyone ever given their mob's playerspecials
> successfully?  If so, does anything other than a little macro juggling
> and allocation have to be done, or is there some prevention of mobs
> and player_specials deep within the code?

I believe George can (and probably will) answer this better, but I
can at least give it a shot. After all, a little more egg on my face
can't hurt much, can it?
Circle is meant to be as bug-free as possible, and giving this to
mobs in general opens the possibilities for unforseen bugs in the
future. Space is no longer the big worry it used to be, but it can
be an issue on some servers. CircleMUD prides itself on being one of
the smallest, easily modified codebases available for free. So don't
expect something like this in the forseeable future.
I have used player-specials on NPCs before without any problem at
all (part of my original vehicle code, and the eliza bot). The only
changes I made to the source were to remove that tiresome SYSERR.
Oh yeah, it also logs whenever you use the peace command (not stock).
As far as I know, the player-specials don't save to the NPC's file, so
I don't have to worry about space.


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