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From: Del (
Date: 03/13/01

dave mquackquadart wrote:
> Back to my original question, are there more complete server packages?
> I've got a setup with Ascii pfiles, olc/_edits, and dgscripts.. and I'm
> cringing at two failed attempts at patching Xapobjs..
> I want unique items to be able to be build in-game... y'know.. at a
> blacksmith or whatever...  If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd
> be quite happy.

It already appears you're heading in the right direction.
The packages get you started, you found the patch you want to add in.
(however it is a patch designed for an older version of Circle)
I helped (or put togather myself) a few packages, and would have added
a lot more patches, but I have no idea what EVERYONE wants in a basic
package. So, I put all the big stuff in and left it at that. It's a starting
Anything else, is up to the coder/imp.

As soon as I get my other system back, I plan on fixing my package(s) and
due to the planned release of the next bpl, I will update them.
I am also trying to gather information on what people put into basic circle
to get started. I am currently fixing some of the bugs in my last package, and
await both the bpl18 and my system.

With all that in mind, if anyone wants to send me a personal email giving me
a list of patches they put into thier code, I can compile a list of common
patches and work from there. Also, if anyone has some basic dg scripts they
would like to have added please send some. The stock scripts just don't provide
enough examples for the different types that are available. Thanks in advance!

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