Re: Distribution pack?

From: Jared Noble (
Date: 03/13/01

I am a newbie and joined this list only a week or two ago
when I grabbed a copy of Circle30bpl17. My goal is to
simply make a mud that fits my vision of an environment
where players can role play and adventure.

From the discussion so far I have to say that it's based
on little more then assumption. It seems everyone just
assumes that Joe Soap will grab a copy of circle then
on whatever server or their own box, unzip the file
then setup the mud as stock and start advertising on

Will I be doing this? No. While I am new to coding
and cannot alter the stock code too much more then
through what is offered via snippits, I do hope that
it's different enough not to be considered stock. The
biggest change will be removing the stock areas to
build a completely unique world.

Now, I will not argue that MANY people do put up
stock muds with stock areas and it's beyond me why
they do it. But I don't see how it affects those of us
who do not. I mean, if anything, it only makes the
people doing it look stupid.

Another important thing that must be said is, this does
not only happen with Circle. It happens with Rom and
with Smaug and various other 'packages' that exist. The
only people tarnished by people setting up stock muds
are those who do it. If anything, this serves to boost
the muds which are not stock.


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