Re: Distribution pack?

From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 03/14/01

>       I still like patches better than snippets though ;)
Argh! Let's not get that started up again! :P
Seriously though, I've made a few of them myself. But only when updating
someone else's code, which came in patch form to begin with. It sorta helps
keep things in the original spirit.

>       Oh - if I ever made it unclear, if you have any programming
> questions of any sort that I might possibly be able to help on, don't
> hesitate to ask.  I already know you're someone who actually works at it,
> as opposed to well... the other sorts.  So, I'm always happy to help.

I appreciate the offer and the compliment, both of which are seen less often
than should be on this list. I prefer to work at coding so hard because I love
to learn and do things myself. Even when I use code that someone else has
given me, I read it carefully and change small tidbits. This sorta makes it
more mine than theirs in my own eyes, plus has the benificial side-effect of
teaching me something new.
I'm not so arrogant as to claim the code as my own, but I'm sure you get my
point.  IMHO, creating bugs is the best teaching tool any coder could have.
The more bugs you have under your hat, the better you are at finding them the
next time something similar pops up.

Still trying to find my 8 hour (+ or -) seg fault though. My ISP only allows
me to stay online for 40 minutes at a time, so GDB is pretty much useless.
Recieved SIGHUP, SIGTERM, or SIGINT (or something like that), shutting down.
Does anyone know how I can log GDB? Putting log references in the code doesn't
help, because the game is sleeping sometimes when it happens. About the only
thing I can think of that _might_ be causing it is a slightly modified version
of the Eliza chat bot I found on the circle FTP site. Since it took help from
this list to get it patched in, I'm hesitant to rip it out. BTW, it deletes
the syslog and doesn't leave a core.


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Loop, Endless: n., see Endless Loop.
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