Re: diff and patch for windows

From: Tim Yohn (
Date: 03/16/01

> This is a bit off topic, and I apologise, but I perhaps someone here can
> help me.
> I am looking for versions of diff and patch for windows (not cygwin).
> At the moment I am doing a lot of Delphi coding and don't have a way of
> creating diffs...


        This is the where the diff and patch I use for windows is located:  Note, this is just
port of gnu diff and patch (as well as many other 'unix' utilities), and it
is an actual win32 port, not requireing anything like cygwin or any other
layer between the utilities and OS.  I know they might be a bit out of date,
but I do know that the version of patch did apply the Oasis2 patch to my
bpl17 on my Win2K box without a problem.

        Also, I know Visual Studio 6 (at least the Enterprise Edition) comes
with WinDiff which is a GUI diff of sorts, unfortunatly I have never found a
way to use it to create patches, more to just view diffrences of two files on
the fly.

        Hope that helps some,
        Tim/LahD --

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