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From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 03/17/01

Sedit would be an OLC (OnLine Creation) command. Stock CircleMUD
doesn't have a working OLC at this time, though George Greer (the
main developer) is working on one.
Meanwhile, there are a few to choose from, which you can install
yourself. You can find those at CircleMUD's FTP site. Just look
around a bit.
Since you have already modified your MUD, there might be more than
a few problems installing an OLC. Unless I've misinterpreted your
letters. If you haven't touched any of the files in the /src dir,
you _should_ be able to get OasisOLC 2.0 to patch in cleanly.
Read the FAQ on Patch if you aren't sure how to use it.
BTW, George is also the main developer for Oasis. Active guy, no?

There's quite a bit more I could have written about, but I don't
know your level of coding expertise, so I'll just have to wait and
see what questions you need answered next.

p.s. There are also a few Offline Builders available. You might think
about using one of those if you aren't planning on having a large
staff of builders working for you in the game.

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Loop, Endless: n., see Endless Loop.
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