Re: How would I go about chaning the max number of spells?

From: Brandon Brown (
Date: 03/17/01

> You won't screw anything up, as long as you also renumber all the skills
> as well.  You'll have to change the MAX_SKILLS as well.
> I did this myself, without any problems at all. Of course, I have
> ASCII pfiles, so I didn't have to worry about screwing up my pfiles
> either. It's been so long since I've had BINARY pfiles, that I can't
> remember if there was a problem with changing MAX_SKILLS or not.


structs.h :

 *  If you want to add new values to the playerfile, do it here.  DO NOT
 * ADD, DELETE OR MOVE ANY OF THE VARIABLES - doing so will change the
 * size of the structure and ruin the playerfile.  However, you can change
 * the names of the spares to something more meaningful, and then use them
 * in your new code.  They will automatically be transferred from the
 * playerfile into memory when players log in.
struct player_special_data_saved {
   byte skills[MAX_SKILLS+1];   /* array of skills plus skill 0         */
   byte PADDING0;               /* used to be spells_to_learn           */
   bool talks[MAX_TONGUE];      /* PC s Tongues 0 for NPC               */
   int  wimp_level;             /* Below this # of hit points, flee!    */
   byte freeze_level;           /* Level of god who froze char, if any  */
 ( ... )

Notice how MAX_SKILLS must be a constant essentially to prevent messing up
the pfile.

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