Re: extract_char stuff.

From: Mysidia (
Date: 03/18/01

   Oh.. you're actually extracting every beat, so the character
will only remain for a fraction of a second, and doing everything
else the same I can't imagine that breaking anything; the only thing
evil about it is the scroll through the entire player list, needing
to extract a character is IMO a thing common enough to warrant creation
of its own list, even if it means adding another variable to the
char_data structure -- deaths are fairly common, particularly of mobs,
and if all the players are out there killin' mobs successfully, unless
they happen to all die at once there'll be a buncha traverses of the
entire character list to extract 'em... ... the cost of that, depends
on how many characters there are in the game, but it would seem to
warrant the tradeoff of adding a variable.


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