Re: Another how do i question

From: Mike Breuer (
Date: 03/19/01

> Look at the practice command on the guildmaster.  Only let it increase the
> skill level if the skill level is >= 5.  Have the item set the skill/spell
> to 5%.  If you wanted to get really complicated you could add a field to
> the spello array (I changed my spell system a LONG time ago from stock)
> that acts as a flag for wether or not a book is needed for that first 5%.

When I originally added spellbooks, I had my "STUDY" command check the
minimum level on the spellbook to see if the player was high enough level to
learn the spell.  I also used one of the object values to keep the
percentage learned when the spell is studied so that the number could be
varied.  I made the study command require that the book be held, and used
the !<class> flags to limit who could use it.

The other change that I made sounds similar to what you did.  I added a flag
to spello that indicates whether the spell is a "manual" spell that must be
learned from a book.  I altered the practice command to check this flag so
that manual spells are not automatically available as the player gains

After some time, I changed the study command to also check the spell's
minimum level so that builders could not give away high level spells.  I
also added checks for the player's class for similar reasons.


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