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From: The Luthers (Dana and Todd) (
Date: 03/19/01

From: "Its Me Christian" <cd_fl@HOTMAIL.COM>
> Hello, i sent a mail before asking if anyone knows how to write something to
> a file and then open up what u saved. Im sending this again because i only
> just signed up and i do not know if it went through because i got no replys.
> If anyone could help me then feel free to do so :)

Check the archives, there were actually several varied responses to your
question (A link to the archives is found at the bottom of this email and of
all emails that get processed through the list ;) ).

Anyone who may have tried the do_vnum_room patch from the ftp site, a
corrected version was put up the other day. I had carelessly left out the
page_string() call so the buf was being populated but never sent out.  The
call should be immediately before the return in vnum_room(), like so:

+  page_string(ch->desc, buf, TRUE);
  return (found);

I know its probably something that anyone who tried it figured out, but I
needed an ob-circle for this post and this is as close as I can think of at
the moment *chuckle*


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