Re: Long Room Vnums

From: Nielsen (
Date: 03/18/01

> by the way, has anyone had any problems with upping this num... or is this
> an arbitrary limit?

As far as we could tell, it was an arbitrary number.  I submitted it as a bug
(or an idea to remove), but apparantly some people use the hardcoded limit as a
placeholder.  We removed it, though it might be better to come up with a new
vnum system if you're planning on going into numbers of that range (e.g., scopes
+ vnums), because numbers that high become very unwieldy in all circumstances.

What we might be doing is having vnums in the form:  domain:zone:vnum.  That is:
  load object continent1:city1:100

Etc, with some flexibility.

Jon A. Nielsen
Lazarus of Spear of Insanity MUD

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