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From: The Luthers (Dana and Todd) (
Date: 03/20/01

From: "Josh Allen" <zacjosh@NETZERO.NET>
> Ok i tried what you said and I got the following:
> Produces:   a chest plate (#102), a sword (#103)

Hmm... that all looks good. It recognizes that it should be producing items
vnum 102 and 103. If memory serves, you said in a prior post that he did
have the items on him, so that taps me out of ideas... unless by 'on him'
you meant equipped and not 'given' as in, in inventory?
Also, can your shopkeeper see the items in his inventory? (ie., room not
dark, keeper not blind, items not invisible, etc.) ?
And, are the items of value greater than 0?
If the item's cost is less than 0 or the keeper can't see the item, he won't
show it in a list comment (check out the shopping_list function in shops.c).


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